I’m Excited to be back

I remember starting my first blog, I named it as Animohosting.com It went live on April 29th, 2007. It is suppose to be for my web hosting business but I converted into a blog where I post any news that comes in my head at that time, it is mostly all about technology as I love reading tech stuff and making money online niche.

My blog “Animohosting.com” is very memorable as It was featured in a popular Philippine newspaper: Manila Bulletin.

I was interviewed by the writer/blogger Annalyn Jusay and I shared my knowledge about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and the importance of blogging to be searchable on google.

At that time there is no facebook yet, the blogging world was so active, the only means to communicate with a blogger is by posting a comment on their own blogs and by attending Wordcamp where you meet fellow filipino bloggers. Luckily we are are able to meet the founder of WordPress – Matt Mullenweg.

And after 14 years, I’m back. I’m excited to blog again and post more meaningful contents.


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