Meet HustleGPT: The Revolutionary AI Turning $100 into a Thriving Eco-Friendly Business Overnight!

GPT-4 embarks on a mission to revolutionize the hustle culture by turning a mere US$100 and simple instructions into a thriving business. Following OpenAI’s launch of the advanced generative AI model GPT-4, brand designer and author Jackson Greathouse Fall introduced the following strategy to GPT-4:

“You are an entrepreneurial AI named HustleGPT. Your human counterpart is me. I will serve as your connection to the outside world. Your primary goal is to turn US$100 into as much money as possible in the shortest time, without engaging in illegal activities. I will execute your requests and keep you updated on our remaining funds. No physical labor is required.”

Can HustleGPT successfully create an online business and make smart investments? Fall’s tweet has sparked curiosity, with his initial post garnering 89,000 likes and counting. The internet eagerly anticipates the results of HustleGPT’s revenue-generating endeavors.

GPT-4’s advanced intelligence has already demonstrated its capabilities in various online tasks, such as creating websites using text commands, automating online dating, and sparking fears about potential job displacement. By leveraging GPT-4 to pursue the fundamental goal of capitalism—maximizing profits—Fall takes the concept a step further. This real-time experiment provides a glimpse into the future of get-rich-quick schemes amidst debates on AI’s role in society.

GPT-4’s business plan involved developing an affiliate marketing website focused on eco-friendly products. Fall promptly purchased the affordable domain name for US$8.16. Next, Fall instructed GPT-4 to provide guidelines for DALL.E-2 to design a logo.

Subsequently, Fall requested a detailed website layout from GPT-4. With some help from Midjourney, GPT-4 found actual sustainable products and crafted a post featuring 10 eco-friendly kitchen gadgets. After spending an additional US$29 on hosting, Fall successfully launched the website.

Fall then asked GPT-4 for advice on utilizing the remaining US$62.84. Demonstrating true hustle, GPT-4 recommended allocating US$40 for Facebook and Instagram advertising to promote the products effectively. This viral GPT-4 experiment has generated excitement among investors eager to get in on the next big affiliate marketing site. On the first day, an anonymous individual invested US$100 in Green Gadget Guru.


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